Free Labor on the first unit sent for RP/OH & Free local Pickup & Delivery


Fuel Systems


*Fuel nozzles is our specialty*     We are capable of bench check & re-certify fuel nozzles for engine models: CF6,CFM56, JT8s and many others. Please refer to CAPS list page for list of PNs 

  1. ·BC, RP & OH of fueling pumps such as: boost &override jettison pumps
  2. defueling valves, spar valves, shutoff valves, cross feed valves, ext.

Pneumatic Systems



  1. BC, RP & OH Air cycle machines ranging from md80s to B747s, many different sorts of valves & controllers such as: Anti-Ice, HPSOV, PRVs, Directional Pilot, etc.. 

Hydraulic Systems


BC, RP & OH a vast majority of actuators such as: spoiler & rudder PCAs, stab trim, and many others.  Autopilot servos,  pressure switches, ext..

Reverse Engineering



Our team of highly qualified/trained technicians can assist with the build-up process for test stands, tooling, ext..




·BC, RP & OH almost all light Assemblies like: anti-collision, navigation, strobe, flood ,map, ceiling, etc. Axial flow, vane type, exhaust & re-circulation fans.  Coffee Makers, Ovens, Chillers, etc.